3 Things Your Realtor May Not Tell You

When my wife and I searched for our first home, we relied on our realtor’s judgment. He found us a house we loved, but we were disappointed when, just months after moving in, we learned the property was near a Superfund site.

As your realtor works to find you a home that meets your expectations, he or she may not consider things like:

  • a property’s proximity to potential hazards;
  • water quality;
  • or air quality.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We offer free tools, like Town Profiles and the Hazardous Site Locator, designed specifically to help you get information you need to make an informed decision for you and your family.

Questions to Consider When Moving to a New Area

Choosing a suitable place to live can be a difficult task. Not to mention, if you’re moving to an unfamiliar town, and have more questions than answers.

From our first home-buying experience, we learned you shouldn’t depend solely on your realtor to provide pertinent details about every neighborhood you visit.

But what does this mean, exactly? Well, as you probably guessed, it means you’ll need to do some research to familiarize yourself with your new community.

That’s where we come in. Using data from reputable sources, including the EPA and the American Lung Association, we created free reports for over 500 U.S. towns to give you a head start in answering questions like:

#1 Are there potential hazards nearby?

There are over 1,300 toxic sites, known as Superfund sites, throughout the United States.

If you’re considering a specific house or apartment, you can use our Hazardous Site Locator to find out if there are any nearby.

#2 The water tastes okay, but is it safe?

The EPA sets limits for the amounts of certain contaminants in water provided by public water systems.

If the local water company violated any of these limits, choose a water filter that effectively reduces the contaminants found in your water.

#3 Just how clean is the air?

The American Lung Association estimates 40% of Americans live in communities with unhealthy air.

You can minimize your family’s exposure to air pollution by monitoring local air quality reports and planning your outdoor activities accordingly.

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