About Paul Sorrentino

About Paul Sorrentino

Paul Sorrentino is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with over nine years of experience working in accounting and finance for Fortune 500 companies. With a keen eye for detail, Paul effectively interprets large datasets to provide actionable insights. He leverages this skill to create high-quality, accurate content for Trending Towns.

Paul’s Story

I was born in the Midwest and spent nearly all of my childhood and teenage years living in the same town.

Upon graduating from high school, I decided to go to college in the state of Indiana to get my degree in business. After completing my studies in accounting and finance, I was fortunate to get my first job in the corporate world in Houston, TX.

Shortly after moving to the Lone Star state, and getting settled at my new job, I discovered my passion for analyzing and using data to support decision making processes.

Throughout my career, I’ve established a reputation for providing information my coworkers can rely upon to manage day-to-day business activities and make sound investment decisions.

I’ve had the pleasure of working in various roles in different locations throughout the country. My wife, Meredith, and I have relocated more than five times since we’ve been together, so I understand just how stressful moving can be.

I created Trending Towns to serve as a resource for people to reference when selecting the best homes for their families.

I gather and analyze data and information from authoritative sources and present them in a way that helps you find answers to some of the most critical questions you might have when moving to a new town.

Towns Where Paul Has Lived or Worked

Naperville, IL
Bloomington, IN
Houston, TX
Lakewood, CO
Arvada, CO
Westminster, CO
Denver, CO
Fayetteville, AR
Bentonville, AR
Rogers, AR

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